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reebok19.jpg Reebok in nice trainers shocker!

I would usually gloss over most of the output from Reebok, but, I must admit, I felt an unmistakable stirring of interest when I first clocked eyes on these beauties.

A confession! I’ve not purchased a pair of trainers in about a year, instead relying on a combination of oldies but goodies in my wardrobe, as well as the colourful Wallabies and Weavers coming out of Clarks, for my footwear needs. But I’m sorely tempted by these smashers that come under the slightly unwieldy ‘Reebok Revenge Plus MU’ banner. I’ve never liked trainers that look like they’ve been designed by a child with too many crayons going spare, so I’m naturally drawn to the clean lines of this pair which comes in a chalk/wild khaki colourway (ie white and off-gold). They have the feel of Diadora’s classic Borg Elite tennis shoe – always a good thing in my book – and will be set off nicely when coupled with a pair of inky blue Levi’s and a knowing smile, a smile that seems to say: “Yeah, you’ll usually find me in Adidas and New Balance, but check out these crackers and you’ll find that I’m still rocking it.”

Reebok Revenge Plus MU are around £80 from the likes of wellgosh.com