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monkicat.jpg Yeah boy, I wear catsuits!

If you must get into jumpsuits this spring (and you simply must) then I’d advice you make it corduroy.

“Yeah boy, I wear Corduroy!” That’s not one of my sayings. That’s Eazy-E of gangsta rappers N.W.A. who is someone I tend to bow down to when it comes to all things street knowledge (although some of his musings have me scratching my head: “Ho, you wanna a hit, you gotta get your knees dirty” – what’s that all about?). Anyway. Catsuits are a funny old item of attire, are they not? Pick yourself up a really nice one and you’ll waft about like a high-society hostess circa 1975, padding around your shagpile among beautiful people sipping on Harvey Wallbangers. (If you get it horribly wrong, however, you’ll end up looking like you’ve just finished a shift at the local brewery bottling plant.) These new catsuits from Monki really do it get it right. They come in dark chocolate brown, have button front closure and belted waistline, AND are resplendent in lovely corduroy, which is something I wear. Yeah boy! Just add a Harvey Wallbanger and you’re really in business.

Corduroy jumpsuit, £50. monki.com