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Clubs Editorial

swung19ds.jpg Make like a chameleon

Those specialisers in vintage melodies, the Chameleon Club, are setting up a new home in the fabulous Prohibition bar on Newcastle’s Pink Lane. That deserves a “Woo hoo!”

As matches made in heaven go the Chameleon Club and Prohibition is right up there with Bogart and Bacall and gin and tonic. The cabaret bar opened earlier this year to much fanfare and a general yelling of hosannas from those of us who like our venues to be a little bit different and have a touch of class. And the Chameleon Club are all set to bring you intoxicating vintage tunes, killer cocktails and immersive cabaret with live music, circus acts and performance art. The theme for their first bash is ‘La Vie en Rose’ and you can expect an extraordinary soiree celebrating transformation, wild times and abandoned pleasures, from rococo revels to the street gangs of the Belle Epoque, to the poets, painters, dancers and Dadaists in the underground jazz clubs of 1930s Paris. You’ll not get any of that down your local Ritzy.

Chameleon Club: La Vie en Rose, Saturday 23 March, Prohibition Cabaret Bar, Pink Lane, Newcastle, 8pm, £10. facebook.com/events/2062520273829076