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Music Editorial

feetband19.jpg Amazing Feet

Feet are one of the great new hopes when it comes to reviving a moribund indie scene and they’ll be bringing the fizz when they play Newcastle in March.

There aren’t too many new indie bands coming out of the UK who manage to get my juices sloshing around (Shame and Boy Azooga did the trick last year) but 2019 looks to have a real saviour in the shape of Coventry’s Feet. They’ve only released a bunch of demos and the odd single so far including their super ‘Petty Thieving’ release last year that rollicked along on a bassline that was nicked from David Holmes’ propulsive classic ‘I Heard Wonders’. It was an indie-disco stalwart in the making. They followed it with other let’s-sit-up-and-take-notice tracks such as ‘Backseat Driver’ and ‘English Weather’, which marry the wonky and the groovy in equal measure. And they know how to pen a memorable melody too, which, when added to their feisty live performances, all add up to something approaching the complete package. (I’m still not sure about their name, though. It makes me think of feet.)

Feet, Tuesday 12 March, Think Tank? Times Square, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £6. seetickets.com