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Music Editorial

guitarguitar19.JPG This one goes up to 11

At the back end of 2018 Guitar Guitar in Newcastle had the kind of refurbishment that left it looking like a combination of the bee’s knees AND the cat’s whiskers.

Since opening on Grainger Street in Newcastle in 2005 Guitar Guitar has always worn the (metaphorical) crown well, that crown being the one awarded (metaphorically) to the shop stocking the largest selection of guitars in the north. And now that crown is being worn at an even jauntier angle because of the very pretty penny that was spent on the establishment a few months back.

The shop always did put Aladdin’s Cave to shame when it came to anything guitar related but it’s now even better, verging on the dazzling. They have a whole floor entirely devoted to electric and bass guitars, with all major brands stocked, along with all of your favourite specialist and niche operators.

And if you’re not into megawatt mayhem then check out the basement which has a whole acoustic selection that is guaranteed to seek out your particular whim and then well and truly cater for it (makes? Think Taylor, think Martin, think Yamaha, think everything else in between).

Naturally, they also carry every kind of accessory that you’re ever going to need with all of the latest and greatest amps (from Marshall through to Blackstar, Friedman and beyond) and effects ready for you to plug in and play. (I’m in awe at their huge new pedals display alone, which is stocked with every type imaginable.) They also have strings, cables, cases and picks galore too.

What hasn’t changed is the fact that you can still sell or trade in your old bit of gear when you want to level up. And with over 30 years experience, their tech is still one of the best in the biz. All types of set up and repair work can be carried out from small tweaks to pickup installation and more. And, naturally, the staff remain as friendly and knowledgeable as ever. Call in, have a gander, have a chat, but be prepared to lose a day.

Guitar Guitar, 27 Grainger Street, Newcastle, NE1 5JE. 0191 261 1568. guitarguitar.co.uk