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Art Editorial

angelgroup19.jpg Guess who is 21 this year?

The Angel of the North is 21 years old this year. (21! How on earth did that happen?) And as it picks up the keys to the door The Gallery in Gateshead are celebrating its coming of age with a fabulous group show.

Remember all the hoo-ha that ensued when The Angel was first announced? The Chronicle and local TV news found it nearly impossible to vox-pop someone without the phrases “eye sore” and “total waste of money” being spat at them. But now look! It’s hard to image the region without it. This group show is celebrating the iconic sculpture, which has become a real symbol of pride for the north-east and is known throughout the UK and, indeed, right around the world. It will include paintings, drawings, embroidery, prints, textiles and photographs and the artists taking part include Tommy Anderson (that’s his ‘Neon Angel’, pictured), Josie Brookes, Robert Soden, Melanie Kyles, Effie Burns, Powder Butterfly, John Addison, Sarah Heseltine, Bethan Laker, Donna Cheshire, Fiona Jamieson, Marcia Ley, Mark Todman, Chun Chao Chiu, Jill Hlalo, Yvette Hawkins, Jacqueline Quinn, Chris Folwell, Susannah Ronnie, Stevie Ronnie, Jane Jackson, Darren Cairney, Pui Lee, The Riverside Studios and Esen Kaya. (Note: this is a selling exhibition giving you a great chance to pick up a stunning piece of original art.)

21 Years of an Angel, until 30 March, The Gallery, Gateshead Central Library. gateshead.gov.uk