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Art Editorial

stellavine19.jpg Stella! Stella! Stella!

The Bailiffgate Museum & Gallery in Alnwick are currently showing the largest ever collection of work by British artist, Stella Vine.

I don’t really know if you could call Stella Vine an ‘outsider’ artist when so many insiders love her work, with everyone from The Sunday Times’ art critic Waldemar Januszczac to Germaine Greer to former Turner Prize judge Lynn Barber (“I think she’s the real deal”) all championing her stuff. Her paintings have the nectarous smack of pop art but she imbues them with a real tenderness that provides the soul. Bailiffgate’s Sheila Starks: “We are delighted to show this extraordinary collection of art for the first time. The paintings are so exuberant, they seem to leap off the walls.” Vine first came to wider attention with her blood dripping portrait of Princess Diana in 2004, a painting that was purchased by Charles Saatchi amid much hullabaloo. Since then her work has found homes in permanent collections around the world but it’s fitting that this Northumbrian artist should have her biggest show to date in Alnwick.

Stella Vine, until 24 February, Bailiffgate Museum & Gallery, Alnwick, Tues-Sun. bailiffgatemuseum.co.uk