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Art Editorial

mimacandle.jpg MIMA! You’re a winner!

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art has won the first Jackson Tang Ceramics Award with an ambitious proposal to acquire three large-scale pieces from Chiara Camoni’s most recent series Sisters (2017).

The Jackson Tang Ceramic Award was designed to support a major acquisition of ceramic work for a Contemporary Art Society Museum Member, and through it MIMA is the first UK gallery to acquire work by Chiara Camoni. Sister 1, Sister 3 and Sister 4 are glazed clay forms each supporting a number of multi-coloured candles. Over time the coloured wax builds up on and around each work as the candles burn down. Chiara Camoni lives and works in the hills of Versilia in Tuscany, Italy. Her ceramic practice is intimately embedded in her daily life and has a collaborative aspect that sees friends and relatives invited to assist her in making the work. Through this extended, communal creation of her sculptural work, Camoni traces connections to the prehistory of object making, objects that would have included tools, vessels and talismans.

Chiara Camoni’s Sisters, until 10 February, MIMA, Centre Square, Middlesbrough. visitmima.com