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cashmere19.jpg A touch of glam, you say…

Cocoa Cashmere make the most delectable cashmere jumpers you’ll find anywhere and among their latest range I’ve picked out some tops which are really glammed up to the nines.

Attention fans of relaxed tailoring! Cocoa Cashmere have got it going on! And by “got it going on” I mean they make the kind of clobber that you really want to spend quality time with: dresses, cardigans and jummy-jumpers that will have you wondering where they’ve been all of your life. Each piece in their collection begins life as the purest white and softest hair, combed from their very own free-ranging goats in Inner Mongolia (yep, I know everyone always goes on about Outer Mongolia, but it’s Inner Mongolia where it’s really at – particularly when it comes to goats). Just the feel of one of these garments provokes sensations that, while I’d hesitate to describe as a full body orgasm, are certainly right up there, and I particularly love the colourful lightning flashes that adorn select items from their latest collection, which really stir my inner Bowie. They’re real mood-lifters and it’s not often that you can claim that about a jumper.

Seek: cocoacashmere.com