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Style & Stuff Editorial

burlington19.jpg Happy feet

The venerable British sock brand Burlington have thrown caution to the wind by messing with their classic Argyle pattern. Oh no! But calm yourselves as I think these smiley face adorned items of hose are bordering on the fun.

“Everyone is wearing socks, but you’re wearing a statement”. That’s what Burlington say about their wares in the hope that their customers won’t notice that they are – in actual fact – just wearing socks. But what socks! I swear by my Burlington’s. There’s something about that Argyle pattern that is just so right. And it’s a pattern that’s deeply rooted in British history. As early as the 18thcentury it was known as a symbol of affiliation with the Scottish clans and the most powerful of these clans, the Campbells of – yep! – Argyll, ultimately made this pattern popular on socks. I doubt whether the Campbells would have acquiesced to having a ruddy great smiley face splashed all over their revered pattern but maybe if they had of it would have stopped all of the skirmishing they were so fond of (rather like how smiley t-shirts turned football hooligans away from fighting and onto raving back in the 1980s. Those and the drugs). These socks come in a “modern colour palette” (ie black, pink or grey) and each and every one of them is grinning like it’s just got seven numbers up in the EuroMillions. (Which is always something I look for in hosiery.)

Seek: burlington.de/uk_en