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Music Editorial

dublonde19.jpg Du north

The very excellent Du Blonde is back with a new album in February and a UK wide tour which will be touching down at The Cluny in Newcastle. I’m there, dude.

Du Blonde was born in Transylvania to a pack of albino wolves who raised her on chewing tobacco and stuffed clams. That’s what her Facebook page claims, but those of us who hitched ourselves to her bandwagon when she went under the name Beth Jeans Houghton still recall that she was actually born in Newcastle. Fancy that! She was brilliant as Beth Jeans Houghton and is still brilliant as Du Blonde as her 2015 album, ‘Welcome Back to Milk’ ably demonstrated, with its R&B licks, throbbing melodies and arresting lyrics (“What is it like to fuck your mistress with her hands tied?”). Since then she seems to have busied herself with some excellent art – including comics and animation – and making music videos, but she’s returning with a long-awaited new album, ‘Lung Bread For Daddy’, which is out on Moshi Moshi in February. The lead single from it, ‘Buddy’, shows that she’s lost none of her sharpness for lyrical concerns (it’s about a break-up) or, indeed, fiery riffs, and I can’t wait to grab hold of her new album so I can clutch it to my bosom and look to the heavens (and well as give it a listen – obviously).

Du Blonde, Friday 22 February, The Cluny, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 8pm, £8. thecluny.com