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Music Editorial

strangebones19.jpg Make no Bones about it…

…Strange Bones take no shit from no one! And by “take no shit from no one” I mean “make the kind of scuzzy guitar racket that could frighten zombies”. They’re playing Middlesbrough and Newcastle in February.

There seems to be an air of sheer madness swirling around Blackpool’s Strange Bones, but there’s real method in their madness as they combine elements of hardcore with the down and dirty know-how of The Cramps and sharpness of early Arctic Monkeys demos. They were inspired to start a band from young ages when their parents whisked them off to see punk outfits such as Goldblade, UK Subs and One Way System (and when I say young, one of them was nine). Later they developed something which you might call a philosophy: “Starting Strange Bones was always about shouting in the face of delusion and obedience. The naked self interest between humans in a dog eat dog society, where we are all blindly distracted by our fetishism of commodities.” They’ve even released a track featuring grime royalty (Stomzy! Skepta! Avelino!) with the bracing ‘Energy’. As you can imagine their live shows go off with all the force of a washing machine on its highest spin-cycle and I imagine they’ll be bringing IT when they play two dates in the region this February.

Strange Bones + Rascalton, Friday 8 February, Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough, 8pm, £9.50; Saturday 9 February, Think Tank?, Newcastle, 8pm, £8.80. ents24.com