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Music Editorial

bowiespace.jpg Ground control to Bowie fans

There are a couple of events celebrating David Bowie happening in January THAT ARE BOTH TAKING PLACE ON THE SAME DAY (but at different times). Our advice: do both.

It’s the third anniversary of the great man’s death in January and World Headquarters are the ones making things happen at two events well worthy of your attention. The first is Transatlantic Bowie at the Wylam Brewery featuring the incredible Transatlantic Ensemble. If you’re not aware of their work (get with the programme granddad/ma!) then you should know that they’re a crack set of session musicians who pay homage to some of the great artists and albums (including Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’ – which was another of their stunning Wylam Brewery shows). They won’t be poncing around on stage in Ziggy wigs, but they will be bringing their full brass section so then can do full justice to Bowie’s biggest hits. And then World Headquarters themselves will be paying homage with Tommy Caulker taking to the decks to spin an epic solo after-party set of all your favourite biggies, back to back, along with a grab-bag of more esoteric goodies. Wham bam thank you ma’am.

Transatlantic Bowie: Live, Saturday 12 January, Wylam Brewery, Exhibition Park, Newcastle, 7pm, £20. WHQ Remembers David Bowie, Saturday 12 January, World Headquarters, Carliol Square, Newcastle, 11pm, £8/£9. welovewhq.com