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tooslowtshirt.jpg Take it slow, wear it smooth

In this coldest of all months we don’t warm the office through traditional methods; we just stick on a ‘Too Slow to Disco’ album and dream ourselves warm. (Oh – we love their t-shirts too.)

If you’ve not yet surrendered yourself to the ‘Too Slow to Disco’ movement then you should know that they are compilation albums that draw heavily on a 1970s Californian vibe; sounds that keep it soft but keep it melodic. There might by a groove, yes, but these tunes prefer the chaise longue to the dance floor. In short: they’re too slow to disco. Tracks from Chicago, The Doobie Brothers and Hall & Oates abound alongside less heralded acts who all ooze aural sunshine. It’s vanilla funk and country-tinged blue-eyed soul. It’s silky, it’s jazzy, it’s sophisticated, which, hey, is also how you might like to describe this apparel. Their latest t-shirts and sweatshirts celebrate the new compilation ‘Too Slow To Disco Brasil’, which invites some Brazilian AOR along to the party. Think lavish musicality and pop-rock infused with strong soul, jazz and funk elements. So forget about sticking another bar on the fire this winter and turn up these West Coast sounds to keep you nice and toasty. (Oh – and buy one of their t-shirts if you like them.)

Seek: tooslowtodisco.com