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66degreesdec.jpg In Jan you’ll be needing a coat

I reckon coats are going to be a real fashion biggie in 2019. I predict that everyone will be wearing them, particularly when it’s cold, and if you fancy jumping all over this trend then you could do a lot worse than having a look at the range from 66° North.

66°North was founded in 1926 by Hans Kristjánsson with the purpose of making protective clothing for Icelandic fishermen and workers braving the North Atlantic elements. I wonder if Hans had any inkling back then, when he was learning how to tailor his waterproofs for beardy cod botherers, that his legacy would one day involve a coat that would be keeping me toasty when I went on my own particular fishing expedition (ie to the chippy on a Friday night). And that coat in full: this beauty, pictured. It’s nicely insulated, has zip pockets and is made with – get this! – “ripstop construction” (whatever the hell that is). They also have that nice 1990s block colour thing going on which seems to be all the rage at the minute. So there you have it: 66° North – the brand of choice for Icelandic fisherman and bingo-loving knackers from Heaton.

Seek: junkyard.com; 66north.com