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Film Editorial

classicgala.jpg Here’s looking at you, Gala

The cinema at the Gala in Durham kicks off each month in fine style with a truly classic film, and their winter/spring programme features some of my real faves.

As the years pass the reputation of film director John Carpenter seems only to grow. He is responsible for shockers like ‘Halloween’ and ‘The Thing’ but it’s one of his more knockabout films that open at the Gala in 2019: ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ (6 January). It’s a fantasy martial-arts comedy starring Kurt Russell who goes into action mode when his mate’s fiancée is kidnapped. The result? Enormous fun. ‘Pretty Woman’ (3 February) is next up with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere doing what they do best in this romcom classic. ‘Casablanca’ is certainly rom but it’s no com (pictured – 3 March). One of the greatest love stories to ever grace the silver screen this sees Humphrey Bogart in his definitive role as Rick who has some choices to make when Ingrid Bergman walks unexpectedly into his gin joint. And the current programme finishes in uproarious style with a comedy double bill featuring ‘Caddyshack’ and ‘Airplane!’ (7 April). Two of the funniest films to come out of Hollywood in the 1980s they feature the likes of Chevy Chase and Leslie Neilsen at the very top of their game. Each ticket bought includes a free tea, coffee or soft drink or, if you’d prefer, the bar is open throughout.

Programme details: galadurham.co.uk/classic-cinema-studio