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trumpcat.jpg Why Do You Think...

Chances are you’ll be meeting up with family members you don’t often see over Christmas and – I’m warning you now – chances are one of them will come out with the statement: “I actually think that Donald Trump is great”. How to handle such a situation? I think the phrase “Why do you think…” is your friend here. Don’t get into an unwinnable argument; just keep firing questions at them. Some choice queries may include: “Why do you think, when he was in Paris recently, Trump stayed in his hotel room watching Fox News rather than attend a ceremony to commemorate the American war dead?” Follow it with: “When it comes to Russian interference in the US elections why do you think Trump believes the denials of former KGB man, Putin, over his own intelligence agencies?” Finally, really put them on the back foot by wheeling out your big gun: “Why do you think Trump says he loves ‘the uneducated’? Do you think that’s where he draws most of his support from? People who know next to nothing about anything? You wouldn’t put yourself in that category, would you uncle Brian?”