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Clubs Editorial

pumpupthe18.jpg Glow-sticks at the ready…

The 90s (and a bit of 00s) throwback party night ‘Pump up the Jam’ is coming to World Headquarters in January. I’m predicting frivolity.

I always assumed that glow-sticks would be to the 90s what cigarettes were to the 50s: great fun but killjoy scientists were waiting in the wings to tell everyone that they were imbued with the kind of chemicals that would kill you. But – as it turned out – I’ve been proved completely and utterly incorrect and glow-sticks are totally safe (despite literally no-one on earth knowing how they really work). And there will be buckets of them handed out at the next ‘Pump up the Jam’ which will thrum to some of the biggest dance tunes of all time: ‘Rhythm of the Night’, ‘Sweet Harmony’, ‘Everybody’s Free’, ‘I Luv U Baby’, ‘Insomnia’, ‘Ride On Time’, ‘Sing It Back’, Gypsy Woman’, ‘Show Me Love’, Don’t Call Me Baby’, ‘Ecuador’, ‘One More Time’, ‘9pm (Till I Come)’, ‘Praise You’, and, well, you get the picture. The DJs will also being lobbing in a few sing-a-longs from the likes of Mark Morrison, Spice Girls, Shaggy, TLC, All Saints, and well, you get the picture. Not a night for the po-faced.

Pump up the Jam, Saturday 19 January, World Headquarters, Carliol Square, Newcastle, 11pm, from £3. welovewhq.com