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Stage Editorial

floandjoan18.jpg Flo. Joan. Very funny.

Flo & Joan were one of the HUGE hits at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year and they’re bringing their dextrous and very funny wordplay to the Stand Comedy Club, Kitchen and Bar this January.

I know what you’re thinking: Songs? Comedy? It rarely works. That is true but the key word in your thinking here is “rarely”. Because funny songs canwork and when they do it is absolutely glorious. Case in point are Flo and Joan. Their show at the Edinburgh Fringe last summer provided me with one of the funniest hours I had all year. They are real life sisters Nicola and Rosie Dempsay and they approach their subject matter from a unapologetically liberal perspective chucking out plenty of political barbs as they go. They also take in feminism, mocking wholly outmoded perceptions of female behaviour that have led to abominations such as ‘lady crisps’ (hey lasses: we too can have our very own crisps that aren’t quite as big as the men’s and have less of that frightening crunch). They also tackle weddings, divorce, sex robots, binge drinking and much more, and it’s all wrapped up in the kind of catchy melodies that lodge themselves in your brain and are delivered with no little skill. Miss them and you’ll miss out.

Flo and Joan: Alive on Stage, Sunday 20 January, The Stand Comedy Club, Bar & Kitchen, High Bridge, Newcastle, doors 7.30pm, show 8pm, £12. thestand.co.uk