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christmass.jpg An Ox Wearing A Reindeer Jumper

It didn’t seem that long ago when Christmas was merely a speck on the horizon. Now it’s a vast, lumbering, ox of a thing. An ox wearing a reindeer jumper. And comedy antlers. And as it approaches, so I must turn my mind to festive but weighty matters such as which chocolates are best in a tub of Celebrations. It’s a funny one, because Snickers are my usual chocolate bar of choice, but they’re way down the list when it comes to rummaging around in a Celebrations tub (I don’t think the manufacturers can get that nougat/caramel/peanut mix quite correct in something so small). And where I wouldn’t usually thank you for a Malteser, they’re actually the very best thing about Celebrations (they’re bigger than your common or garden Malteser, and have more chocolate). So consider this your definitive, cut out and keep guide, to the best chocolates in a Celebrations tub (in reverse order): 8. Mars 7. Milky Way 6. Snickers 5. Twix 4. Bounty 3. Galaxy 2. Galaxy Caramel 1. Malteser. (Note: Don’t ask me about Heroes. They’re an unholy minefield.)