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Film Editorial

bigbadfox.jpg The Big Bad Fox & the Other Tales

Benjamin Renner, one of the trio behind the charming French, Oscar-nominated bear and mouse animation ‘Ernest and Celestine’ followed up earlier this year with this delightfully madcap triptych about misfit animals operating way outside of their comfort zone. It’s out on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download on 26 November.

The first segment has a lazy stork hand over the baby delivery duties to a rabbit, pig and a duck; in the second the titular fox tries in vain to live up his reputation after unwittingly adopting three baby chicks; the final part sees a group of animals hatch a foolhardy plot to replace Father Christmas. The winning combination of mildly absurdist scenarios and gleeful silliness should appeal to grown-ups and kids alike, as should the lovingly hand drawn animation which is pitched somewhere between Beatrix Potter and The Simpsons. As a brainy arts mag we’d normally direct the viewer straight to the French language version (both feature as part of the package) but the English one sports some splendid voice work from the likes of Adrian Edmondson and Bill Bailey, so you can watch the non-subtitled version free of the nagging feeling that you’re letting yourself and your kids down.

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales is released on DVD and available for download on 26 November