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Music Editorial

tessparks18.jpg Cheer up Tess Parks!

She looks like she’s just been told she’s got to spend Christmas day with Kim Jong-un and a DVD box set of the second series of Doctor Foster. But she doesn’t! What she does have on the cards is a visit to Newcastle in December and a gig at Cluny 2.

Canadian Tess Parks is a protégé of former Creation man Alan McGee who caught her in London and snapped her up for his 359 Music label. She released her debut record ‘Blood Hot’ with him in November 2013 to super reviews and then teamed up with Brian Jonestown Massacre frontman Anton Newcombe in Berlin to make the ‘I Declare Nothing’ album. This, again, garnered much praise from critics who were enamoured by its languid and hazy grooves with Parks’ vocals hitting that psychedelic sweet spot. Their latest collaboration came out in October and it’s even better. It’s more focused – albeit in a kind of 3am and squinting kind of way – with some actual bent-out-of-shape melodies pushed to the fore. Imagine taking Americana and then rubbing it up with a dirty cloth and then giving it several tokes on a very large bong – that’s the kind of stuff we’re dealing with here, and I imagine it’ll sound right in the zone when played live. Find out when she visits Newcastle this December.

Tess Parks + Pit Pony, Monday 10 December, Cluny 2, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £10. thecluny.com