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Our Crack Little Crack

bigfoot.jpg The US Midterms

I sat up late to watch the US midterm elections last week and there were some strange old coves that managed to get themselves elected. Denver Riggleman, for one. You may think I’m only mentioning him here because he’s called Denver Riggleman, which makes him sound like a particularly shite country and western act. But he’s actually of interest because he once wrote a book called ‘Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him’. In other words, he’s a devotee of a very niche porn genre you might term ‘Sasquatch Erotica’. But even this dirty dabbler in the mangy and the mythical couldn’t beat Dennis Hof. This fella is a brothel owner who was elected in Nevada. I say “is” but I should say “was” because he died a month ago. It was too late to change his name on the ballot however and he was duly elected, which led to the unbeatable headline: “Dead pimp gets elected in Nevada”. You can say what you like about America but it truly is the land of opportunity. Even when you’re masturbating over Big Foot or are no longer with us.