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Stage Editorial

christmascrackers18.jpg Have some Christmas Crackers

Tamsin Daisy Rees, Olivia Hannah, Henry Lawrence and Jamie Morren (that’s them above – I’ll let you decide who’s who) have written four short plays that come at the subject of Christmas a little differently to what you’d usually expect at this time of year. See them at Live Theatre in December.

Over recent years Live Theatre have been bountiful with their yuletide treats, especially for those of us who want something more than “It’s behind you!” and men in make-up and big bloomers. And this year Live Theatre’s Associate Artists are coming at the festive season from a different angle. We’ll discover what happens what a drunken Santa gate-crashes a Christmas get-together; the pitfalls of letting the TV schedule take over your life; the unwrapping of the secret lives of four siblings; and how a pigeon and chip box are the only thing that stands between one family and Christmas heartbreak. Naturally, there will be much laughter, tears and sarcasm, and, yes, we’ll probably get some turkey too. Give yourself a real festive treat and grab a large helping of these Christmas Crackers.

Christmas Crackers, Thursday 13-Saturday 22 December, Live Theatre, Broad Chare, Newcastle, 8pm, (Sat mat 2pm), £6-£14. www.live.org.uk