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Stage Editorial

deedsnotwords18.jpg I’d vote for this

Abbott Dance Theatre are celebrating the 100th anniversary of (some) women getting the vote with an energetic piece that is coming to Dance City in November.

It was only women aged 30 and over who got the vote in 1918, with the collective moustaches in parliament obviously being of the opinion that those ditzy 20-somethings had their heads too full of kittens and ribbons to consider anything political. No matter: it was still an important step on the road towards equality and it’s being marked by this extremely moving and beautiful piece that sheds light on the physical and mental fight women faced in their struggle. Through emotional and fierce choreography Artistic Director Kristin Kelly-Abbott reveals the harsh realities of the suffragette movement and the immense courage of women as they faced imprisonment, hunger strikes and force-feeding. It weaves references to Emily Wilding Davison, Dame Ethel Smyth and Emmeline Pankhurst into the narrative which is complimented by choral music from Morpeth-based community female choir Werca’s Folk, and the community dance group for the over 50s, Dance For Fun.

Deeds Not Words, Saturday 24 November, Dance City, Temple Street, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £13.50 (£8 students and under 18s/£11 concession). dancecity.co.uk