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festofgen18.jpg So that’s what generosity looks like

This November the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, and Newcastle University, are presenting the GeNErosity Festival of Philanthropy and Giving right across the region. What on earth is it? Read on…

Well this festival has really crept up on me by surprise but it looks a real goodie. It will feature 50 events (50!) stretching from Berwick to Teesside that will celebrate what philanthropy has done for the north-east, from the middle ages to today, and ask what philanthropy can do for the region now and in the future. There will be a premiere of a specially commissioned short film ‘What has philanthropy ever done for us?’ and the award-winning November Club, in collaboration with young people from the region, will present their playful and inspiring take on philanthropy. As well as range of headline events there will be thirty events from #PoweredbyPhilanthropy groups who will be showcasing how their work, supported by philanthropy, is making a difference to communities across the region. The festival organisers are also asking people to share pledges to be generous on twitter on the final day of the festival which also happens to be – hey! – Giving Tuesday.

GeNErosity Festival of Philanthropy and Giving, 7-27 November. More info, full programme and to download a pledge form: generosityfestival.co.uk