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joyeverleypeace.jpg Joy to the world

Joy Everley have done it again! And when I say “done it again” I mean they’ve made some more jewellery. Pretty isn’t it?

According to the Joy Everley website their new Love&Joy range was inspired by this year’s wonderfully hot summer which brought back memories of 1976 (a year also notable for months on end of unbroken blue skies and hosepipe bans). Fair enough. But they also go on to burble: “They say the 60s really happened in the 70s. We were young and free, and believed in Love, Peace and Joy. We lived as if that summer feeling would go on forever.” HRRRRNKKKK! Rewind! They say the 60s really happened in the 70s. Who are “they”? People who weren’t old enough to remember the 1960s but still want to feel some of its counter-cultural glow by pretending that it actually happened a full decade later? No matter. Whatever inspired the range it’s worked because it’s a real beauty. They have bluebell earrings, forget-me-not pendants and peace sign broaches (pictured) which do, indeed, speak of endless summer days filled with lovely things. They’re not particularly cheap (the range runs from £35-£235) but that’s how much free love sets you back these days. (And by “these days” I mean the 2010s, which sometime in the future will be reclassified as happening in the 2020s.)

Seek: joyeverley.co.uk