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Music Editorial

stillcorners18.jpg They’re still at it

And the “it” that Still Corners are at, is making the kind of atmospheric Americana that sounds like it should be sound-tracking your favourite widescreen indie movie.

I’ve been listening to Still Corners’ ‘Slow Air’ album (which came out in August) a hell of a lot recently. Well, I say listening, I’ve actually been immersing myself in it – usually when I’m making the tea. And it’s had the peculiar effect of transforming my kitchen into a film set, with me cast as some actress who is weighted down with some unspeakable ennui that can only be expressed with slide guitars and ghostly vocals. It’s an incredibly atmospheric release, recorded in Austin Texas, which uses live drums, as well as acoustic and electric guitar to fine effect. There’s also some subtle synth work, but that’s been dialled down a bit from their usual, dream-pop stuff. The duo are actually from London, but the album was inspired by extensive journeying around the vast expanses of the US. Singer Tessa Murray: “We’re always trying to get the sound we hear inside of ourselves, so we moved fast to avoid our brains getting in the way too much. The name ‘Slow Air’ evokes the feel of the album to me, steady, eerie and beautiful.” It’s certainly that, and I imagine it will sound even better when played in the Star & Shadow rather than my kitchen.

Still Corners, Saturday 1 December, Star & Shadow, Warwick Street, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £10. starandshadow.org.uk