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livehalloween18.jpg Halloween! (Now with added adults)

The Life Science Centre are opening late for a special, adults-only, Halloween party on the last Friday of October. I’m so there!

Halloween is great, but, for me, it’s spoiled by a certain section of society who are fully intent on ruining it for others: children. They’re always wanting stuff and crying for no apparent reason: WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH THEM? Thankfully they’re barred from ‘Halloween Late: Bewitching Bots’, which is at Life on Friday 26 October. It’s set to feature a Crystal Maze-inspired lazer maze (Crystal Maze! Lazer! Maze! Oh my!), an ultraviolet gin bar (that’s “violet” not “violent”), ‘Frankenstein: Escape the Monster’ on the 4D Motion Ride (4D!), a Day of the Dead sugar skulls station, the birth of artificial intelligence simulated in the Planetarium, and the chance to dissect some real organs (nurse! The screens!). You’ll also get the chance to explore the blockbuster ‘Robots: then and now’ show, which features unnervingly lifelike humanoids and an evil T-800 from ‘Terminator: Salvation’. Fancy dress is heavily encouraged (there might be treats in store for the best dressed) and there will also be some special effect make-up artists on-hand to help give your costumes that killer edge.

Halloween Late: Bewitching Bots, Friday 26 October, Life Science Centre, Times Square, Newcastle, 8pm-11pm, £8 (ticket + various food deals £12) or £10 door. life.org.uk