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adidasdigiwatch.jpg You were the future once

Adidas have reached deep into their Big Bag of Retro and pulled out some digital watches which have just been released. Quite nice, aren’t they?

When Adidas hit us up with retro classics they’re usually trying to push a pair of trainers that Franz Beckenbauer used to wear, or some garish 1990s tracksuit, our way. For their latest foray into decades past however, they’ve returned to the 1970s, a period when digital watches were the cock of the digital walk. Since those heady days they have been usurped by iWatches and those bangles that count how many steps you’ve walked on any particular day. (And to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the box my Kellogg’s Fruit Loops come in had more processing power than those original watches.) But there really is something to be said for a device that doesn’t keep metaphorically tugging on your sleeve with new notifications from Facebook, Instagram or any of those digi-monoliths that have been specifically designed to pour all of your precious time straight down the drain. And, hey, these Adidas watches tell exactly the same time as a watch that costs a grand, so fill your boots.

Adidas digital watches, £89.95-£99.95. adidas.co.uk