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Our Crack Little Crack

morningperson.gif Morning Person

I’m a ‘Morning Person’, which is an entirely different thing to a ‘morning person’ (caps off). A ‘morning person’ is someone who enjoys the hours before noon more than any other part of the day. A ‘Morning Person’ on the other hand, is someone who belongs to a special club. We’re up and about on the streets before dawn breaks and always nod and say “Morning” to other members as we go on our merry way. To us, this is acceptable behavior. (I did try an “Afternoon” at 2pm the other day, but the woman I barked it at just gave me an odd look and scuttled off.) And you’ll find that Morning People always have a sense of purpose too; we have stuff to be getting on with, although, admittedly - given some of the people that I bump into at 5.30am - sometimes that stuff involves finishing a can of Special Brew and then asking you for an implausibly specific amount of money (usually 47p for bus fare).