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Art Editorial

hattoneye.jpg A Kurt response

Inspired by Kurt Schwitters’ Merz Barn Wall – on permanent display in the Hatton Gallery – is ‘Exploding Collage’ a season of exhibitions that apply Schwitters’ collage technique on an architectural scale.

‘Exploding Collage’ explores how avant-garde artists of the early twentieth century expanded the notion of collage into immersive, often ephemeral, formats. It is comprised of presentations by three contemporary artists – Linder (‘Diagrams of Love Marriage of Eyes’, 2015 – pictured), Nadia Hebson and Ursula Mayer – whose work examines, celebrates or reinstates such avant-garde figures as Eileen Agar, Marion Adnams, Meret Oppenheim and Dora Maar. The other two shows in this season are ‘The Loud and Soft Speakers’ (a contemporary iteration of a performance work, ‘The Silence Poem’ or ‘Leise’ by Schwitters, from Heather Ross) and ‘Gathering’ (collaborators Julia Heslop & Ed Wainwright present an architectural intervention which is designed to host the work of other artists – just as Schwitters concealed niches dedicated to his artistic heroes in his piece).

Exploding Collage (29 September-12 January), The Loud and Soft Speakers (29 September-11 May), Gathering (29 September-16 February), The Hatton Gallery, Kings Road, Newcastle. hattongallery.org.uk