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Art Editorial

ngcaarc.jpg Do not adjust your eyes

Dan Holdsworth is having two consecutive exhibitions at the NGCA in Sunderland, the first of which looks absolutely extraordinary. Dan Holdsworth has dedicated the last five years to creating two major bodies of work, the first of which is ‘Continuous Topography’, his first moving-image piece.

Alistair Robinson, Director at NGCA, frothed: “Continuous Topography focuses on a sequence of astonishingly detailed, large-scale digital animations that meld maps and composite photographs of a glacial Alpine landscape. The three-dimensional images of extraordinary natural beauty are formed from millions of points marked in space, each a millimetre-perfect registration of the precise contours of a specific topography. The result is an alien, ghostly world.” Indeed it is and shows just what you can do if you rope in some of the best academic geologists and a whole bunch of drones, lasers and hi-tech software to map the contours of glaciers and rock formations. Holdsworth’s next exhibition, ‘Spatial Objects’, will be at the NGCA early next year, but in the meantime do not miss this incredible show.

Dan Holdsworth: Continuous Topography, 26 October-6 January, NGCA, National Glass Centre, Liberty Way, Sunderland. ngca.co.uk