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Music Editorial

josephcurwen.jpg Joseph Curwen

We asked Joseph Curwen for a pic and he sent us this. Is that him in the murk or is this a still from Hammer Horror’s “Now Lick The Blood From The Tomb”? YOU DECIDE.

You can tell a lot from a promo pic. Statement fringes usually equals indie/rock, while unnecessary waistcoats give an inkling of a band’s penchant for Radio 2 friendly folk. But what about a picture of a man or woman (OR NON-HUMAN) standing in the fog shrouded gloom? Then, my edge-of-your-seats friends, you’re dabbling in the shadowy world of drone; specifically the kind of drone that appears to be soundtracking some unspeakably uncomfortable event. Curwen (from Newcastle, OR SO HE SAYS) describes drone (to someone who’s never heard it before) as: “Long drawn out weird noises,” and he’s got that right. His drone isn’t jarring in any sense, but is remarkably streeeeeetttttccched and imbued with the kind of ambient dread that would make it the ideal comedown music for the Abominable Dr. Phibes (as played by Vincent Price) after he’s returned from a night out clubbing (people to death). Chilling stuff. 

Seek: facebook.com/JosephCurwenDrone