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Music Editorial

jiltedjohn18.jpg Daft punk

It’s been 40 years since Jilted John had an unlikely top five hit with ‘Jilted John’ and he’s celebrating with a tour. Altogether now: Gordon is a moron! Gordon is a moron!

Some of the most memorable and enduring hits that arose from punk’s ashes were straight out of the novelty bin. Think of the Toy Doll’s ‘Nellie the Elephant’ and Plastic Bertrand’s ‘Ca Plane Pour Moi’. The greatest of them all, however, was ‘Jilted John’ by Jilted John. A three-minute, kitchen sink, boy-loses-girl-boy-hates-girl’s-new-beau affair (“I was so upset that I cried all the way to the chip shop”) it contains the deathless, and inarguable, chant: “Gordon is a moron!” Jilted John - AKA Graham Fellows/AKA John Shuttleworth – is set to perform tracks on this tour from his iconic ‘True Love Stories’ album, which features those other new wave classics ‘Going Steady’, ‘The Birthday Kiss’ and ‘Baz’s Party’. And making the gig feel extra special will be John Otway on support duties. Ere we go: 2, 3, 4!

Jilted John + John Otway, Sunday 14 October, Middlesbrough Town Hall, 7.30pm, £17.50/£15. middlesbroughtownhall.co.uk