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Art Editorial

balletlorentart18.jpg What on earth is going on here?

What’s going on here is much treasured Newcastle-based dance theatre company, balletLORENT, celebrating their 25th anniversary with an exhibition at Northern Stage.

balletLORENT have been thrilling audiences up and down the country over the last 25 years and this exhibition captures some of the reasons why they generate such excitement every time they perform. It focuses on the company’s rich history and will include photographs, posters, film footage, costumes, reviews and personal insights from Liv Lorent, the dancers, and other professionals who have found influence and inspiration with the troupe. And, fittingly given the reputation balletLORENT have gained for their visual innovations, the exhibition will look stunning and give a real insight into working in the dance industry. Accompanying the show is ‘After Dark’, four nights of performances, dance and music, which is also at Northern Stage, and taking place in November.

25 years of balletLORENT, 27 September-November, Northern Stage, Newcastle, 8.30pm, £25. northernstage.co.uk