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kotalamp18.jpg Get KOTA

The fabulous Scandinavian design store KOTA in Newcastle has got a brand new premises in the centre of town (and a rather lovely online shop, too).

There are the five things that everyone knows about Scandinavians: 1. They pay a proper tax rate which ensures that their public services are the envy of the world. 2. They make incredible pop music. 3. They are consistently rated as the happiest people in the world. 4. There is an obvious correlation to be drawn between points 1, 2 and 3. And 5. Their design aesthetic is second to none.

And it is point 5 that concerns KOTA, which was founded by Krista, a Finnish woman who has made her home in Newcastle. The store contains a range of homeware products from fabrics to wall art, as well as Moomin mugs, throws and even coffee (Moomin coffee! oh yes!), 100% vegan soaps, eco-cotton clothing, jewellery and award-winning cardboard lights (pictured - KOTA is the only UK seller of these particular beauties).

Krista also produces her own KOTA Unique collections using vintage Scandinavian fabrics to create true one-off products. The showroom shop is open from Tuesday-Thursday, 12pm-4pm (6pm each Thursday) or you can visit the webshop at the address below.

KOTA, Commercial Union House, 4th Floor, 39 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle, NE1 6QE. kotastore.uk