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clarksweavers.jpg A white suede shoe. Mmm...

I can’t resist little beauties from Clarks who continue to earn the sobriquet “ever reliable”.

Rather like Dr. Martens, Clarks is a British company that you can really hang your hat on (and there’s a saying that works particularly well for purveyors of footwear). But where Dr. Martens trade in a kind of big booted, rock and roll sort of cool, Clarks are altogether more stylish with a definite sense of urban urbaneness. One only has to think of the timeless appeal of their iconic desert boot. Another of their grand staples is the Wallabee, which is simple and uncluttered and comes complete that trademark crepe sole. (Fun fact: Walter White wears them throughout the run of Breaking Bad and hip-hop legend Slick Rick swears by them reasoning: “It’s a way to be casual but not look like a scrub. The ladies like that.”) Sharing much of the Wallabee DNA is the Weaver which comes with a revised upper featuring blanket stitching around the premium Scotchguard steads. They look particular natty with jeans and are just the job if you’re looking for a shoe with plenty of soul. (They’re also available in black if you can’t stop yourself from slopping John Smith’s all over them.)

Weavers are £110 from clarks.co.uk