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Stage Editorial

jabberwockyt18.jpg Jabberwocky gets set for lift off

Jabberwocky Market are gearing up to bring us their next season of incredible theatre in Darlington – and beyond – in early October. Get set for rare thrills.

The theme for this five-day extravaganza of theatrical derring do is ‘Room for More’, which sees Jabberwocky Market including shows and events that represent diverse communities in different ways. Running from 3-7 October the productions will include Rendezvous in Bratislava, which features Miriam and her granddad making a cabaret together. He’s got the stories, she’s got the storytelling flair; only trouble is, they’ve never met. And he’s been dead for 37 years. Elsewhere children aged 7-12 will LOVE (yes, caps) Ground Control (pictured) which features three astronauts on board a space shuttle that was launched in 1974 being awoken from hyper sleep Black – written by the award-winning Keith Saha with live lyricism and DJ soundscape from CHUNKY – concerns Nikki and her dad. She doesn’t think he’s racist but when a Zimbabwean family move in over the road he starts laying down the law. Facebook Saved our Baby is a work-in-progress from Wolf Close, while Richard Bliss’s The Quest for the Perfect Shirt, looks beyond the shirt as a simple garment: what do they actually mean? ELSIE talks will be the antithesis of TED talks; and Fun Palaces will see Jabberwocky Market working with local communities and joining with others around the world in providing fun activities, talks and workshops - free of charge. More on all the above can be gleaned from their website. Fill yer boots.

Jabberwocky Market Pop-Up Theatre Events, Wednesday 3-Sunday 7 October, various venues in and around Darlington. Tickets and info: jabberwockymarket.org.uk