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Clubs Editorial

grindhousehair18.jpg Rocky 47

The popular Newcastle rock night ‘Grindhouse’ is celebrating its 47thevent in September and, as ever, they’ll be turning things right up to 11.

I know those legendary Mayfair rock club nights will never be replaced, but as Grindhouse hits the big 4,7, it’s a fact that they must be doing something right. Run by people who genuinely love the music, the night attracts a super friendly crowd made up of people aged from 18 right up to their 50s and beyond. Naturally the big draw is the rock and metal soundtrack, which takes in anything and everything from latter day classics to the latest (and biggest) tunes. The night is held in one of Newcastle’s biggest club venues, Reds Bar, and although that is situated within Northumbria University, it is most definitely not a student event, with the vast majority of attendees being non-students (although I do note that the drinks prices are cheaper than just about any other Newcastle club). And, hey, it’s only £5 to get in. Keep on rockin’ in the fiver world.

Grindhouse Rock Night, Saturday 15 September, Reds Bar, Northumbria University, 10pm-3am, £5. It’s a monthly event and you can find further info and more dates from: facebook.com/grindhouserock