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Music Editorial

sham6918.jpg Take That have let themselves go

The ever-popular North East Calling is back in September with their annual all-day punk festival and, unless I’m very much mistaken, that’s Sham 69 in the pic (and not Gary, Howard and co).

This is the 13th incarnation of North East Calling and, in this case, 13 is lucky for some, particularly punters who appreciate a day of rumbustious fun involving three-chords blasted out with fiery intensity, and smash and grab songs that do more in three minutes that what today’s indie bed-wetting mob could only hope to achieve in a full album. The festival originally kicked off in Durham back in the mists of 2005, but moved to Newcastle a few years back, and now attracts fans from right around the world. What makes it so special is the quality of its line-up and this year is no different with Sham 69 appearing with their original line-up, along with Angelic Upstarts, Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions, Anti Nowhere League, Discharge, Dirt Box Disco, Peter & The Test Tube Babies (love a bit of this lot), Crashed Out, Hung Like Hanratty, Fire Exit, Knock Off and No Thrills. All-day pass-outs are available and drinks promos are also primed to rock your world. In short: punk’s not dead.

North East Calling, Saturday 29 September, Northumbria University, Newcastle, midday start, £28. Tickets from Reflex, Hot Rats and gigbox.co.uk