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Music Editorial

bonnaconsofdoom18.jpg Mysterious forces unleashed...

This is the Bonnacons of Doom, a collective (if you will) whose identities are so guarded that they make Daft Punk look like regulars in Hello magazine.

Here’s what we know about Bonnacons of Doom: 1. One of them is called Rob. 2. That’s it. (Expect that’s not strictly it: we also know that, 3. They released a self-titled five-track album in May, and 4. It can be filled under “It’s a bit out-there, but I’ll certainly have a large slice of it”.) Take it away Rob: “The album is full of found sounds from different religious traditions buried in the mix. By using that cut-up approach we want to be the opposite of controlling – we want people to project what’s important to them on the experience, to create their own ritualistic meanings.” What all of that translates to in practise is a monumental sonic ether that encompasses drone, psych rock, incantations that rise and fall, and all manner of electronic experimentation designed to lift you to a higher plane. It’s unlikely to start many parties, but it is packing plenty of allure. I’m in.

Bonnacons of Doom + Nathalie Stern, Friday 10 August, Cluny 2, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £8. thecluny.com