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Music Editorial

paraalta18.jpg The north-east’s finest…?

Hartlepool’s Para Alta upped sticks for London a while back and their melodic indie is certainly turning heads. They’re back in the north-east this August and playing a gig at Independent in Sunderland.

There are plenty of music reviewers pushing a view that we’ve known for a while now and that is Para Alta are one of the most exciting guitar bands around right now. They make indie-pop that is all about those big, sky-scraping hooks, and melodies that plug, Teenage Fanclub-like, directly into every pleasure node you’ve got going. Their latest single, Dusk, is a case in point, which, according to frontman Jonny Bee, “conveys a handful of emotions derived from complications within a relationship coming to an end. With one side of the relationship not taking well to the situation, it is the other half’s responsibility to guide them through the rough whilst balancing out their own emotional struggles”. That may make it sound like some kind of tortured Radiohead-me-do, but the song is imbued with a sunny-yet-wistful tune that carries all before it. The band are playing the next Songbird showcase event in the region which will also see turns from The Strands and The Bedlams. Thrills will ensue.

Songbird: Para Alta + The Strands + The Bedlams, Saturday 11 August, Independent, Sunderland, 7.30pm, from £5. independentsunderland.com