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Stage Editorial

grahamfellows18.jpg Who are these fellows?

I’m not sure who the fellow on the left is but the fellow on the right is Graham Fellows, who – as John Shuttleworth – has been one of the funniest men to grace our stages (and screens) over the last 25 years.

For his latest tour he’s ditching Shuttleworth’s fawn slacks to appear as himself. 

 Don’t worry! Graham Fellows isn’t ditching John Shuttleworth. He just fancied having the chance to talk about Shuttleworth, as well as the other comic characters he has created down through the years – including the time he became a teenage pop star in 1978 as Jilted John (he scored a big hit with a real slice of daft punk with the song ‘Jilted John’, which contained the deathless chant “Gordon is a moron”). He’ll also be talking about his pivotal acting role on Coronation Street; jazz legend George Melly breaking into his bedsit; and the time when he bought a packet of bread sauce with a famous Hollywood actor, poignantly recalled in the ballad ‘Mark Rylance Was My Lodger’. Because, yes, he’ll also be treating us to some songs – guitar based rather than keyboard – which run the full gamut of emotion from revelatory to humorous, quirky to sad. I’m giving this an ‘Unmissable”.

Graham Fellows: Completely Out of Character, Tuesday 14 August, The Stand, High Bridge, Newcastle, doors 5.30pm, show 6pm, £10. thestand.co.uk