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durhamminers18.jpg Best day out of the year! It’s back!

Is there a better day out in the north-east than the Durham Miners’ Gala? (Answer: No there isn’t). It’s back on Saturday 14 July.

I don’t carry a camera around with me, but there are certain sights from the Durham Miners’ Gala (or the Big Meeting) that are indelibly printed on my mind’s eye. One is from last year’s get together and features a young woman resplendent in the costume of her brass band knocking out a stirring version of Meghan Trainor’s ode to fat arses All About That Bass. She was twitching her own derriere in time to the beat while being careful not to knock over the bottle of Foster’s she was nursing between her feet. It was 8.30am. In many ways the Big Meeting is the ultimate bender (nothing to do with booze – I define a bender as an event that has no fixed beginning or end; although drink is not unknown throughout the day). The Big Meeting features scores of brass bands congregating in Durham to entertain the many thousands with everything from the sounds of Elgar to crowd-pleasers such as Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now filling the streetsEveryone eventually winds their way to the Racecourse where there is a funfair and beer tent and speakers setting the world to rights. The festivities then continue with the bands hitting the cobbles once again and pubs doing a roaring trade. The party will eventually come to an end, but when that is, your guess is as good as mine.

Durham Miners’ Gala, Saturday 14 July, very early to late, free. More info: durhamminers.org