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Queer Editorial

equality18.jpg Take pride (in your retirement)

Have you given much thought to your retirement? It’s an important topic that throws up all sorts of questions but Equality Wealth have got answers galore. Who on earth are they? Read on…

I can’t wait to retire as I see it as the best way of banishing those back to work blues. So I mull it over every day, but thinking about retirement is important for us all. Many older LGBTs who are thinking about retirement may have spent their younger years ‘in the closet’, fearing rejection or even persecution, and not preparing for later-life either financially or legally. Meanwhile, many younger members of the community put off retirement planning, thinking that they can stick it on the back burner along with ‘paint fence’ and ‘fix annoying buzzing sound in fridge’. Providing information on this important topic, as well as other financial and protection issues for the LGBT Community, is behind the launch of Equality Wealth in the North East, which is offering information and specialist advice. They have produced a free retirement guide and are offering a free consultation with Nicola Tempest-Hall who is running the enterprise. If you’d like to request a guide, or glean more information in general, then visit the website, below.

Seek: http://www.equality-wealth.com/requests/request.php?event_id=20