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Clubs Editorial

richmedina18.jpg Funky cool Medina

The welcome back mat at Hoochie Coochie is being well and truly rolled out for Rich Medina who played one of the most mind-blowing sets at the venue the last time he visited the north-east. 

Oh man! It’s true! The last Rich Medina sojourn to Newcastle was all kinds of magical and I can’t wait to get myself reacquainted with his super stellar grooves. The man himself had a 10-year residency in New York City, in the meatpacking district, which attracted the great and the good including Prince, Puff Daddy, Talib Kweli and Mos Def. And that lot knew when they were on to a good thing because Rich Medina takes you on a real journey to the stars and back, skittering over the kind of genres that are guaranteed to send you direct to the dancefloor. He’s DJ’d right across the world , from Paris to San Francisco, and crowds can’t get enough of his sets that mess with all your pre-conceived ideas. And he’s such a personable chap, too – the last time he was at Hoochie Coochie I managed to have a chat with him and the depth of his love for dance music was very evident. Honestly - don’t miss this one.

Rich Medina, Friday 13 July, Hoochie Coochie, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle, doors 7pm, £8. hoochiecoochie.co.uk