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Art Editorial

louisahodgson.jpg Putting things in perspective

Louisa Hodgson was an artist respected for her precise depictions of architectural space, and an exhibition of her work is just one of three super shows the Hatton are presenting us with over the coming months.

Completed in the 1930s this painting by Louisa Hodgson shows The Collingwood Monument in Tynemouth on Trafalgar Night (Collingwood was, of course, Nelson’s second in command during the battle of Trafalgar). Hodgson taught at Kings College – now Newcastle University – from 1931 into the 1960s and specialised in perspective and technical methods and this new exhibition of her work unites the extensive collection of her drawings held by the Hatton and Laing Art Galleries, and will also include modern and contemporary works that are influenced by the rules of perspective. Also new at the Hatton is ‘Machines and Myths: Sculpture and Drawings by Michael Lyons’ exploring machinery and mythology as two of the key themes which endure in the work of this sculptor; and ‘The Making of An Englishmen’ celebrating the work of German émigré artist Fred Uhlman while reflecting on universal themes of identity and migration.

Louisa Hodgson: A New Perspective; Machines and Myths: Sculpture and Drawings by Michael Lyons; The Making of An Englishman - all 30 June-11 August, Hatton Gallery, Kings Road, Newcastle. hattongallery.org.uk