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Art Editorial

hockneyhancock.jpg More Great Exhibition of the North

Yep: the biggest event of its kind in England this year is continuing apace throughout July and the Great North Museum: Hancock is proving to be one of the biggest draws of the festival.

And it’s little wonder that crowds are flocking to this Newcastle institution as they’re running the Which Way North show, the free, family friendly exhibition that features over 200 fascinating items on loan from the UK’s leading museums, galleries and private collections. Among the many treasures you can see are David Hockney’s painting Le Par des Sources (pictured), Damien Hirst’s art installation Heaven, astronaut Helen Sharman’s space suit, a rare miniature book created by Charlotte Bronte (oh my!), the last piano played by John Lennon (crikey!), the sonic screwdriver used by the 11thDoctor Who (I’ll have some of that), George Stubbs’ world-famous painting Whistlejacket, John Harrison’s groundbreaking marine timekeeper H4, and plenty of other amazing stuff besides. I believe making time to check out this incredible show is called a “no brainer”.

Which Way North, until 9 September, Great North Museum: Hancock, Barras Bridge, Newcastle. greatnorthmuseum.org.uk