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slickrick.jpg What is this? The 1990s?

I wasn’t quite sure what the 1990s revival actually meant until I saw these t-shirts from Homage Tees. Against my best instincts I have to say: I’m in!

And what they’ve captured about the 1990s is that bung-a-few-pics-of-the-same-artist-together-with-an-in-yer-face-typeface vibe. They’re kinda naff but I also kinda like ‘em, especially if coupled with a pair of no nonsense indigo blue jeans and cool trainers (just to let everyone know that you’re not entirely an idiot and are rocking the look entirely on your own terms). They appeal to our inner 12-year-old with an aesthetic that screams dodgy market stall in Blackpool circa 1994, which I reckon is going to be THE key look this summer. What’s more the range covers some of the coolest pop stars ever including Wiley, Erykah Badu, Biggie Smalls, Slick Rick, D’Angelo and – HRRRNKKKKK! – Sir Trevor McDonald. Huh? Just what is the doyen of the News At Ten bongs doing amongst some of the biggest hip-hop, soul and grime acts on the planet. Who knows? Who cares? He’s there and ready to party (on your chest). This is not a drill.

Seek: homagetees.com